A cloud-based operating system for refrigeration systems


CloudFridge introduces open source software and hardware to provide a way to operate a refrigeration system in a cloud computing environment. Instead of a factory pre-configured control loop, CloudFridge allows the use of sophisticated control software, big-data analytics and the power of cloud computing to remotely operate a refrigeration system, optimize for energy consumption and push efficiency to new limits.

Cloudfridge is in part funded with a grant from the California Energy Commission.


While mechanical efficiency of refrigerators has improved considerably in the past twenty years, the way a refrigerator works is the same today as when it was invented more than one hundred years ago. Thermostat-based temperature regulation is limited and inefficient as control method since it operates at predetermined settings, without considering or measuring energy consumption. In California, commercial refrigeration accounts for more than 14% of electricity for commercial use. Even a small increase in regrigeration systems efficiency will have a significant impact on overall energy consumption.


CloudFridge is a new paradigm that takes advantage of open source collaboration, cloud computing, and inexpensive Wi-Fi hardware to radically change the way a refrigeration system is operated. Imagine writing the control software in Ruby, access sensor data in a millisecond, have the power of an Octave server at your disposal to optimize energy in the control of a refrigeration system, and still to be able to scale to millions of devices.

Contact us: cloudfridge@visiblenergy.com